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Distribution FAQs
Creating a Release
Distributing a release
How Do I Transfer My Music to Family in Music?
What Stores and Streaming Platforms Does Family in Music Deliver To?
Best Practices for Music Metadata When Creating a Release
Updating and Delivering Metadata
Adding Publishing Information to Your Release
Why Does a Release Appear Live on Spotify After I Sent a Takedown?
Artificial Streaming
How to Issue a Takedown from Any Service
How to Choose a Release Date for Your Release
What Are UPC and ISRC Codes?
Can I Use Samples in My Music?
"Release in Processing" - What Does It Mean?
Family in Music's Anti-Fraud Policy
How Long Does It Take for My Releases to Reach Stores?
How to Obtain Spotify URI/Unique Identifiers Before the Release Date
What Happens When I Deliver Audio to YouTube?
Unauthorised Content for UGC DSPs
YouTube Content ID / Facebook Rights Manager Eligibility Requirements
Pricing for Downloads in Stores
How to Whitelist Your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud Channels
Getting Access to Spotify for Artists
How to Update Your Artist Page Images on the Main Stores
Music Missing in Stores: Troubleshooting and Solutions
My Release Is Live on the Wrong Artist Profile: What to Do?
Managing Rightsholders
Data Visualization & Analytics
Artist Splits
How to Connect Your PayPal Account to Start Receiving Payments for Reported Sales
Setting Payout Preferences for Distribution Royalties
Spotify Discovery Mode
Content Policy - Distribution
Track Copyright Information
New TikTok Scanning