What is Family in Music?

The Family in Music platform is for releasing music creators who want to manage their music business efforts smartly by setting and executing goals with tips and tools, collaborating, receiving advice from industry experts, and staying informed via data insights. Our music management app enables creators to follow a plan and take the necessary steps to attain their goals through tailor-made customisable workflows, a professional KnowHow source, and state-of-the-art music distribution. It is a solution to many of the challenges facing modern music creators, with more to come

Currently, the Family in Music platform includes the following features:

  • Distribution. Distribute your music to 30+ leading streaming services with fast support
  • Workflows. Plan and manage your next release campaign by using our expert-validated templates or by creating your own
  • Discover. Build your network and connect with like-minded creators and industry professionals
  • Royalty Advances. Get a royalty advance to finance your next career move. Keep 100% ownership and control
  • KnowHow. Learn your craft with the best in the biz
  • Collaborate. Find and search for people to collaborate with

We will be rolling out more features in the coming months. If you’d like to hear about our progress, you can join our newsletter here.