Updating and Delivering Metadata

How to revise incorrect or incomplete metadata for releases that have already been delivered

If there are assets that have been delivered to DSPs with incomplete or incorrect metadata, corrections may be sent. Each store will update the release separately as they receive and approve the changes, regardless of whether it is live or not yet available publicly. 

Notice that If the assets are currently being processed by a DSP, they will likely be locked and will not be editable until processing is finished. Alternatively, they may be taken down, the metadata can be corrected and then files may be sent again to DSPs.

1. First, you need to update the metadata of the asset. Start by navigating to Assets from the main menu, and then to the product (album/tracks) that will be updated. Select the one you want to modify

2. Click on Edit to jump onto the release metadata editor


2. After you have saved the changes and there are no validation errors, a screen will pop up in the bottom left corner as seen below.  


5.  Lastly, all you have to do is re-distribute the album to the stores, as normal. Easy peasy!😎Distribute_