Release 2 | Feb 10th

Dashboard V1 and Real-life event networking.

  • Dashboard V1 is now live. This will be a central page for progressing your music career as we go onwards. We will be optimising the page in upcoming releases so hang tight!
  • Virtual networking for real-life events - Future Echoes is our first partnering event.
  • We have added genres on profiles. You can now edit genres in profile editing.
  • The looks of Workflows has been updated.
  • We have also mildly redesigned the Distribution page.
  • Did you ever feel like throwing your phone or laptop out of the window because you couldn't close a Knowhow article by the same button you open it. Well, hooray now you can!
  • Bug fixes & enhancements too boring to mention here.

More news coming soon!

–The Family in Music Team