Release 2 | Nov 3rd


Dear Family Member,

We have great things coming your way. One of them being the Family in Music Network—which we're pleased to invite you to be part of!

We want to empower you and provide tools to develop and nurture your music ecosystem.

One of the biggest pain points in music is to find and connect to the people you need. At the risk of repeating the obvious, it's nearly impossible to make it on your own.

So here comes an extra nudge from us! Find co-writers, customers, and professionals. Build your dream team: the world is your stylophone. All of that and more—utterly free of charge.

With us, you'll build and grow your connections list, tracking who you know and where. 

Try the networking tool now:

Search for singers, songwriters, music producers, instrumentalists, and other music professionals. Browse through their profiles and contact them via your new chat function. It's a new network so let's grow it together!

A tip right away:

To place higher in search results, add the 'Roles' and 'Services' you want and are offering.

Use a few minutes of your time to improve your profile, then network with others just like yourself.

Other news:

  • New content: watch Lanai, DJ Krust, Laughta, Nadja Khan, Stef Pascal, Ilon and Tido Nguyen share real-life tips and examples, to kickstart your growth.
  • New workflows: get action points to solve Promotion, Marketing, PR; spread the word the right way for you.

The Family in Music Team