Release 1 | May 6th

Onboarding, Profile, Digital Music Distribution, Digital Wallet, Workflows task manager, Academy learning center, Customer Support.

Dear Family Member,

We are happy to announce our first release ever! Read below what you are getting.

What's There?

Onboarding. Basis of your user profile and upcoming interaction with the platform and other users.

Profile. Your profile will be your stage in the Networking tool we are releasing later in 2021. 

Digital Music Distribution. Distribute your music on digital streaming platforms through one for the most forward looking distribution services in the market with great asset management and analytics. 

Digital Wallet (invite only for now). As you know, there's a delay between streaming and getting paid. We are partnering with Original Works to bring you daily payments in 2022. 

Workflows task manager. Having trouble getting impact and audience for your music releases. Get a step by step process to maximising your release audience! More Workflows to come.

Academy learning center. The amount of information out there is crazy. We are creating content with focus quality. Expect those who have succeeded sharing their best practises with you!

Customer Support. We want you to feel safe distributing your music with us. There is a vast knowledge base and a customer support team helping you out in times of trouble. 

A tip right away:

Your profile is key. To place higher in search results later in networking discovery page, add 1) images, bio and the rest including your 'Roles' in the music business added with possible services you are offering and/or looking for. A few minutes of time to improve your profile will be an investment in your future networking opportunities.

That's all for now!

The Family in Music Team