How to Issue a Takedown from Any Service

How to request removal of a track or release from DSPs

Occasionally, there are times when a release has been delivered to DSPs and is currently available to the public, but you now would like to be removed. In this case a takedown may be issued for any release to remove it from any or all services. Some typical reasons for issuing a takedown for a release might be if the rights have been transferred to another party, or if the release will be handled by a new distributor.  

Further, if the artwork or audio file(s) for a track or release needs to be replaced, a takedown will need to be issued.  

For errors in metadata text however, corrections can usually be made and pushed directly to DSPs without issuing a takedown. Click here to learn more about updating metadata.

To issue a takedown for your release, please contact the Support Team here, and provide them with the following information:

  • Choose 'Distribution' as the category on the contact form
  • Provide the UPC of the asset you want to take down
  • Let the team know if you'd like to issue takedown for all services, or just specific ones