How to invite members to a Page

Discover what Pages are and how to invite members

Pages let you showcase your projects or your business to the Network. Create your own page and add videos, social media accounts, and a biography to tell your story.

Create a Page

To create your first page, navigate to the avatar icon on the top-right corner of your dashboard and select the 'My Pages' option within the dropdown menu. Finally, select 'Create new' and follow the steps.

My Pages

In case you are already familiar with Pages, you can directly access your Page(s) from your own Profile. There you can edit an existing Page or create a new one.

Invite your team

Bandmates? Producer? Mixer? Manager? Colleague?

Now you can easily invite them to your Page by adding their email or choosing their existing Family in Music profile.familyinmusic-pages-1

💡 Don't forget to click on 'Save changes' for the invites to go through!