How to Whitelist Your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud Channels


Family in Music needs to provide details of all artist and label accounts that wish to whitelist their channels and content on UGC platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud.   

To whitelist your artist or label pages, please fill out our Whitelist Request Form

Please note:  

  • Whitelisting will prevent any videos uploaded to these pages containing licensed content from being claimed by the rights holder (i.e. this will prevent artist/label uploads from being blocked)  
  • Uploaded content will be subject to Channel's standard terms and conditions
  • Submit your whitelisting requests before uploading the content in order to avoid unnecessary take downs
  • If you have multiple channels to whitelist, please enter each channel ID separated by  a comma  

⚠️ YouTube Channel Whitelisiting

Note that you must provide the URL in the format containing the channel ID from the URL (the underlined part below)


Note that all channel IDs begin with: UC

If your channel URL does not look like the link above but is a customized URL, here is how to obtain the proper channel ID:

  • Go to the channel's page on YouTube
  • Right-click on an empty portion of the page and select "View page source" (different browser may call this slightly differently like "View source")
  • This will open a new tab/page showing the HTML for the page
  • On the HTML page search for: itemprop="channelId"
  • This will find something like this:
    Captura de pantalla 2022-07-19 a las 15.46.04-1
  • Copy the part that begins with UC up until the end (don't include the quote marks). For this example, the channel ID is: UCUU1VtKBmajz9q1NQde2BTQ