How to Choose a Release Date for Your Release

You are able to choose a release date for either as soon as possible or on a specific date in the future. 

The Release start date is the date you would like the release to go live on the DSPs. There are two options: 

  • 1. As soon as possible 

The soonest release possible primarily depends on the response time from each service. Typically this requires anywhere from a few hours up to a few days. Each service has its own requirements and will make the release public independent of any other service. 

  • 2. On a specific date 

'On a specific date' allows you to choose any date in the future. You can set whether your release goes live 'at a specific time in a specific time zone' OR ' at midnight in every country around the world' (by choosing this option your release appears publicly on all services at the same time. For unreleased material, this helps control the rollout for streamlined promotion)

To ensure that the release does not go live before your chosen specific date, follow the below instructions:  

A) The release should be marked as NOT previously released when creating the asset in your Family in Music distribution and no previous release date should be chosen. 


B) Once you have completed all steps in creating an asset, please review that all the information is correct and then distribute your release.

C) When distributing the release, a future release start date needs to be chosen to prevent the release from going live upon delivery. Click the button "On a specific date" and select your desired release date.