Pricing for Downloads in Stores

How is my music priced in stores where downloads are sold?

Amazon Music

You can set the album/track retail tier price of your music while creating your release. When you select Amazon stores for distribution, you’ll have the option to choose the price. These prices cannot be changed once they are set.


For iTunes, your music will be automatically priced according to the following formulas:

Albums: Total number of songs x $0.99 USD = price of album

  • If an album has more than 10 songs, the price will automatically be $9.99 USD
  • If a track on the album is 10 minutes or longer (regardless of the total number of tracks), the price of the release will default to $9.99 USD.

Singles: Each track is automatically priced at $0.99 

  • If a track is 10 minutes or longer, the price of the single will default to $9.99 USD.

You can change the price of your music on iTunes AFTER you've distributed your music. When you change the price, it affects all iTunes Stores Worldwide. 

⚠️Note: Album price changes can take 1-3 business days. Track-level price changes are updated every Friday within iTunes’ system. All track pricing requests need to be submitted no later than the Tuesday prior to the Friday you wish the change to take effect.


💡 You can set custom pricing, but note that by default, stores are picking the best prices to maximise your revenue.