Creating a Release

Before you can distribute your music to the stores, you need to create the release on Family in Music Distribution. This is a very straightforward process:

When logged into Family in Music, you can initiate creating a new release by clicking on:

  • Distribution > Go to Distribution > Create Release

Complete all the essential metadata fields in order to successfully create and save the release. 


⚠️Please, pay special attention when it comes to:

Titles and other metadata

To avoid any possible issues with the DSPs, we highly recommend you review the metadata carefully before submitting a release. For more information on metadata, you can refer to this document by Music Business Association.

Mapping the release to the correct artist profile

If you already have a profile on Spotify or Apple Music, please remember to enter the artist IDs in the corresponding fields. This will ensure that the release is correctly mapped to your Artist page on these stores. 


❗️ If it is your first release, choose "No, create a new Spotify or Apple Music/iTunes profile for this artist.