Content Policy - Distribution

Content that Family in Music does not accept for distribution

Family in Music is a platform for artists and creators and we believe in everyone’s right to share their voice. However, due to operational reasons, not all content can be approved for distribution. In this article, we highlight some type of content that is not accepted for distribution by Family in Music.

Content that is not accepted:

  • Recordings containing non-distinct recordings such as nature or wildlife sounds, street noise, ambient sounds (fireplace crackle, etc.)
  • Karaoke versions.
  • Sound-alikes
  • Cover songs
  • Classical music recordings of a composition in the public domain
  • Meditation, yoga, or sleep music
  • ASMR
  • White noise
  • Midi compositions
  • Snippets/type beats
  • Full-AI compositions
  • DJ set, a continuous mix, or other similar compilations
  • Medleys
  • Non-music content such as (but not limited to):
    • comedy recordings
    • film recordings (that are not the musical score to a film)
    • speeches
    • prayer recordings
    • audiobooks
    • podcasts
  • Releases with SEO titles such as Relaxing, Christmas, Sleep, Lofi, etc.
  • We do not distribute content that intentionally promotes violence against persons of a specific race, color, religion, nationality, gender identity, or sexual orientation

Content accepted but might require proof of license or proof of contract:

Unless you have permission from all concerned parties, it is not possible to upload music in (including but not limited to) the following categories.

  • The music contains any samples or 3rd party beats (in other words, it's not 100% original).
  • Remixes
  • Well-known contributors (e.g. Zara Larsson, Bad Bunny, Michael Jackson, Max Martin, etc.)


💡 For further information please refer to our Distribution Agreement.