Artist Splits

How To Create Contracts to Share Royalties with Collaborators

Artist Splits is the feature that enables you to create contracts in order to share your royalties with collaborators. 

How to access Artist Splits

Splits is located on the right-side navigation section of any music release:

artist-splits 1

The contracts that Artist Splits create

  • The Artist Splits feature creates track-level contracts so that the royalties from any track can be split amongst different rights holders.
  • Should you wish to create the same splits across an entire release, you can easily do so by creating splits for one track and then using the "Copy splits from track" option to apply the same splits to all the other tracks.
  • When the payees and splits differ on the various tracks of a release, Artist Splits will further automate the creation of the prorated release-level contract required to handle full-release downloads.

The Artist Splits creation flow

  • The Splits interface is located on the right-side navigation section of any of your releases.
  • Creating splits is only possible once a release has been distributed as that ensures that the number of tracks can no longer be modified (and therefore that the prorated release-level contract will remain accurate).
  • For any or all tracks, you will be able to indicate:
    • The payee name(s)
    • The payee email address(es)
    • The payees' revenue share percentage of the track
  • ❗️Note that all splits must be entered at once and they cannot be modified directly by you once the splits are saved. If you need to modify a split, you will need to contact Support to be able to modify the related contracts.
  • Also, please keep in mind that you are unable to add splits for a track/release that is already on a track/release contract. Please, contact Support to add/modify the splits. 
  • Emails will be sent:
    • To the Splits creator to ask them to verify the email addresses that they've added for their collaborators as providing a wrong email address would result in paying the wrong person.
    • To all the other payees to:
      • Notify them that they've been added to a revshare contract.
      • Add their payment information.


1. Please double-check the email addresses you have indicated for your collaborators. If the email address is wrong, we will be paying the wrong person and this money will be lost (we will not reimburse you).

2. You will not be able to modify these splits yourself after you click on “Create Splits”. If you need to modify them, you will need to contact Support.